QPR footballer sentenced to jail after cracking lorry driver’s head with a rock

According to metro.co, Queens Park Rangers footballer Ilias Chair has received a jail term for cracking a truck driver’s skull with a rock. The incident involving the Morocco international occurred in Antwerp, where the QPR star, who has made 223 appearances, grew up, and a judge in the Belgian city condemned Chair to a year in prison, with an additional 12 months suspended.

In a January hearing, Antwerp’s public prosecutor stated, “According to many people involved, Ilias Chair lashed out at (victim) Niels T with a stone and knocked him unconscious.” Niels T. faced serious repercussions.

‘He sustained a major skull fracture two centimetres long and was rushed to Reims hospital in critical condition.’After that, he had to spend a long period recovering in a Belgian hospital and was unable to work as a truck driver for a long time. The hit nearly killed him, and he is still suffering the consequences.

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The victim’s lawyer, Niels T, stated, “My client almost lost his life, and it took surgeons to save him.”He was unable to work for a long time and continues to suffer from the effects of being hit by a rock.

QPR, meanwhile, issued a statement that read: ‘The club are, and have been, in frequent touch with Ilias Chair’s legal team regarding an assault complaint brought against him.’The legal proceedings have yet to conclude. As a result, the club will make no further statement at this time.

Chair is anticipated to stay ready to play for QPR while appealing his sentence.

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