Liverpool receives public apologies from Premier League star for’very crazy’ statement

According to, West Ham United’s Michail Antonio has apologised to Liverpool players and supporters after his bold prediction about the club proved incorrect.
When West Ham visited Anfield in September, Antonio was certain that his club would defeat Liverpool and finish the season ahead of them. “I am backing myself over Liverpool,” he stated on the Footballer’s Football Podcast. “You know what? I think we’ll finish higher than Liverpool this season. I am putting it out there.

“I watched the Wolves versus Liverpool game because it was before ours, and Wolves could have easily won! They had several opportunities. We have them this weekend, and it is a six-pointer. “We got them!” However, Antonio had little influence on the contest, which Liverpool won 3-1. Fans have not forgotten his incorrect prognosis.

Last month, he admitted that he was still receiving criticism from supporters, and as a result, he did not want Jurgen Klopp’s squad to win the Premier League. “I don’t want Liverpool to win the league because you Liverpool fans are still in my inbox,” he said on the Footballers’ Football podcast. “Get lost!” I am shouting it with my chest. I do not want Liverpool to win the league. Come for me! Arsenal realises it. Manchester City, get it. That’s all I got to say about it!”

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But now, Antonio has altered his tune and apologised to Liverpool supporters. On the most recent Footballer’s Football podcast, he apologised for previous comments. “Before we move forwards I have got something to say,” he said. “At the beginning of the season, I made a statement.

“It was a little wild.” It was quite crazy. I suggested that West Ham may finish ahead of Liverpool this year. I won’t lie: I stated it was my chest.They weren’t gelling at all, and I believed we could be sixth or seventh. There were several statistics about Klopp having seven or eight years and then having a difficult run; it was simply one of those things.

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