Pep Guardiola has Liverpool ingrained in his head—they’re his biggest fear

According to the Liverpool Echo, Sunday’s game versus Manchester City is big. We want to keep our noses up front and in our hands. If you want to win the league, you need to make a statement. They are the greatest team in the league, including us. Arsenal is close. You simply have to complete the work on the day. Keep a clean sheet, and we’ll probably win the game. With our current quality level, this is easier said than done. But Pep Guardiola knows more than anyone.

Liverpool is his biggest nightmare. He cannot stop talking about Liverpool. It’s constantly on his mind, Liverpool. He can’t stop thinking about Liverpool, no matter how terrific they are, how good they’ve been, or how good he is. We all know this, and let’s hope we can keep it up on Sunday.

It’s critical to have some players returning from injury now, with Sparta Prague coming up and Manchester City at the weekend. Our midfielders against them will most likely be Wataru Endo, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Alexis MacAllister. They are undoubtedly the strongest three right now. Good timing, but now all we want is Mohamed Salah back for Sunday, hopefully. Whether he’s on the bench or ready to start.

I handled Jason Koumas at Tranmere — I’m rooting for Lewis, and Jayden Danns appears to be the genuine deal. I was compensated for the two youthful attackers against Southampton. I knew Jason Koumas well; I handled him at Tranmere. He’s a fantastic young man with incredible talent. It’s rubbed off on his son, which is fantastic to witness. A beautiful goal. He just needs to keep working hard at his game.

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Danns came on and was just fantastic. The first goal was fantastic for raising awareness, but I preferred the second goal. Anything that comes off the goalie goes boom. Smashed in. The skill and character he has demonstrated, even when he just appeared for 10-15 minutes on the weekend, held it together, got involved, and gave them difficulties.

Bobby Clark has had a wonderful week as well. He performed effectively in his full-league debut against Forest. He had that one time throughout the first half. He came close, and it was a nice attempt. He’ll improve with more experience, and his play was impressive.

But, being a striker myself, it’s encouraging to watch new strikers emerge. We’ve had so many potential young strikers over the previous 10-15 years, only to see them disappear. They have flitted away. I’ve observed a few centre-forwards in the academy and thought, ‘Oh, here we go. He looks nice. But they’ve flitted gone. I do not want to speak too soon about Danns, but he appears to be the genuine deal. It is still early days, but from what I have observed.

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