According to hitc, Marcus Rashford had Manchester United supporters fantasising for a time, but then everything came crumbling down. The brilliance of Phil Foden defeated Eric ten Hag’s team, as Manchester City gained yet another derby day victory over their bitter rivals. For Phil Foden’s second goal, Paul Scholes was dissatisfied with the responsibilities of Manchester United midfielder Casemiro and custodian Andre Onana.

The renowned midfielder described Casemiro’s defending as ‘criminal’, while dubbing the man in goal ‘weak’ for failing to stop the shot, according to Premier League Productions (03/03/24 at 5:50 pm).

Even though Marcus Rashford opened the goal with a tremendous effort, the home team continued to control the game and possession. Manchester United sat back, attempting to absorb pressure, fill holes, and then try to break.

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While this worked for the first half hour, it quickly became tough for the away team, and it was a matter of when rather than if Pep Guardiola’s side would score. When Manchester City equalised, you knew what was going to happen, yet Paul Scholes lambasted Casemiro and Andre Onana for their roles in Phil Foden’s second goal.

Casemiro & Andre Onana

“Look at Casemiro getting one-two’d,” Scholes observed, referring to Foden running off Casemiro’s shoulder. “The defensive holding midfielder is a criminal.

“The gap shouldn’t be that far and Casemiro, with the experience he has got, he shouldn’t be getting one-two’d in that position.”The custodian has to improve as well. It’s a soft, weak hand there. “It’s not a hard shot.”

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