According to hitc, Arsenal’s 6-0 victory over Sheffield United at Bramall Lane on Monday night will likely go down as one of their easier evenings this season. The Premier League title-chasers had it so easy that Mikel Arteta was allowed to rest Bukayo Saka at halftime. The 22-year-old didn’t go quietly, as he assisted twice as Arsenal raced to a 5-0 lead inside 45 minutes, with Jamie Carragher praising Declan Rice’s passing skills.

Freddie Ljungberg praised Bukayo Saka’s efforts and criticised Sheffield United for leaving him ‘alone’ on the right channel, as he told Premier League Productions. The Highbury hero later contrasted the speedster’s career to that of his England teammate Phil Foden, noting that the former had played more than 2000 minutes since their senior debuts as adolescents.

When Bukaya Saka was developing at Arsenal, Freddie Ljungberg was in the academy and later joined the senior staff. As a result, he would have witnessed his growth and development into ‘one of the finest players in the world in his position’. One thing is certain: with Phil Foden playing the finest football of his life and Bukayo Saka continuing to do what he does best, England has some real offensive potential on their hands heading into Euro 2024.

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Bukayo Saka and Philip Foden

“Anyone who sees Bukayo, they will say he is so tactically good, in small spaces, but his pace is enormous,” Ljungberg remarked of Saka’s part in Arsenal’s second goal. “Playing against Bukayo Saka. You never let him be alone, so he can simply run at you. He has incredible speed and a brilliant mind. Bukayo sees only the space behind him and thinks, ‘Oh, I am going for it’. You have little chance of capturing him, and the first message is a prank (from Sheffield United).

Regarding Saka and Foden’s game time in their respective careers: “There is a difference (Saka has played more minutes). Then you can determine what is good and wrong. Maybe Bukayo plays more than he should; he is young and should be given time to relax. He runs a lot.

“We often discuss in groups about the value of minutes while they are young, so they become bright. They then get experience in the trade. Like, ‘Oh, I should take it easy now. I can relax. I can go. What will I do? “Is this player weak on this side?”

That’s where I believe Bukayo has an edge since he plays more minutes. Then you see that he (Foden) can be fresh when he plays, and he has won several championships, therefore there is no right or wrong. “He has given so much hope to the academy – one of the best players in the world in his position, in my opinion.”

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