Kieran Maguire: Manchester City will agree a fresh £68 million agreement despite additional constraints

According to footballinsider247, Manchester City will maintain its cooperation with Etihad and Abu Dhabi corporations despite the Premier League’s new laws. That is according to financial expert Kieran Maguire, who exclusively told Football Insider that City can justify the value of advertising deals since they are’serial champions’.

Premier League clubs narrowly opted to tighten limitations on commercial and sponsorship arrangements with parties connected to a club’s ownership group. Maguire has told Football Insider that City will seek legal advice against the Premier League following the decision.

City’s partnerships with Abu Dhabi have come under investigation because of their common connections to club ownership, particularly the £68 million per season arrangement with Etihad. Etihad signed a front-of-shirt sponsorship agreement with the team, as well as stadium naming rights.

Man City will maintain the £68 million Etihad partnership for a very long time. Maguire believes City will maintain their ‘fundamental connection’ with Abu Dhabi despite the additional limits imposed by top-tier teams.

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“We recently saw a report that Manchester City were the most popular Premier League club in the United States,” Maguire told Football Insider’s Sean Fisher. “Part of that is because in the United States, they love a winner and Manchester City are serial winners.

“So there’s no doubt that Manchester City have broadened the diversity of their commercial partners and sponsors. “They have deals with the likes of Nissan and Nexen Tyres and so on, and that helps to grow their revenue.

“At the same time, there’s no doubt that there is a core relationship with Abu Dhabi and those deals are likely to continue. “I think it will be a very long time before we stop calling the stadium the Etihad or City having that as a front-of-shirt deal for their sponsorships.“

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