Trent Alexander-Arnold says Liverpool have an attacker who is better than Harry Kane

According to tbrfootball, Trent Alexander-Arnold believes Mohamed Salah is a better player than Harry Kane. Alexander-Arnold was participating in a TikTok challenge for JD Football, where he had to fill out a football bracket and eventually choose between two alternatives when asked who was the best player.

Alexander-Arnold selected Cristiano Ronaldo over Kylian Mbappe and Samuel Eto’o over Lautaro Martinez, but maybe the most difficult decision was between his two teammates. Alexander-Arnold is familiar with both Salah and Kane from his time with Liverpool and England, and he now has to choose between the two.

The right-back hesitated briefly, but eventually selected Salah. Kane is a terrific player, don’t get us wrong, but Salah’s resume is far superior. Salah not only has more major trophies, but he has also won more Premier League Golden Boot honours, which may surprise some.

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Of course, these two players are extremely different; they are both goal scorers with the ability to create, but they achieve their goals and assists in very different ways. Salah’s primary advantage is unquestionably his speed and power, but Kane has never been endowed with lightning speed, thus he is a more technical player.

There’s an argument to be made that both players are the finest attackers in the world right now, but after so many years of playing alongside Salah and experiencing success, we can see why Alexander-Arnold chose his Liverpool colleague over his England captain.

Who knows. Perhaps if Kane leads England to Euros triumph this summer, Alexander-Arnold’s opinion will alter, but for the time being, it’s clear why he believes Salah is the greater player.

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