Jose Mourinho has projected the Premier League and Champions League champions on Rio Ferdinand’s podcast.

Jose Mourinho has declared the clubs he believes will win the Premier League and Champions League this year, according to a story. He disclosed which of his previous teams he would ‘want’ to continue and win medals for current season. The Portuguese coach, who was fired by Roma in January, is now unemployed as a result of his repeated failure to overcome the third-season syndrome that has dogged his career.

When Rio Ferdinand made an appearance on his FIVE YouTube channel, he enthralled the audience with chats on his near future, his battle to rid the Manchester United locker room of bad eggs, and his favourite midfield player from England’s heyday. In addition, he offered his conclusive predictions for the Champions League and Premier League.

He considered Liverpool and Manchester City for a short while before supporting his old rival’s team to put his money in Pep Guardiola’s basket.

‘Champions League, I would say City or Real Madrid,’ the global ambassador said. ‘If somebody outside [those two] wins it, for me, it would be a great surprise.

‘I would love Real Madrid to win it again for the club and for Carlo [Ancelotti]. I don’t know, Bayern Munich can do it, Paris Saint-Germain. ‘Looking at potential, I think City/Liverpool for the Premier [League], City/Real for the Champions [League].’

In fairness to Mourinho, his three former Premier League sides are all out of contention in the competition, and would appear to be outside the reckoning for England’s top flight either.

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His interview with Ferdinand and Stephen Howson was wide-ranging and at times emotional. He admitted that his exit from Roma, where he won the Europa Conference League and reached a Europa League final, was the one that ‘hurt’ him ‘the most.’ ‘I gave everything, I gave my heart, I gave even some options that could be considered not very clever from the professional point of view,’ he said.

‘I refused some great working opportunities. The first one was very hard to refuse because it was Portugal national team, probably the best Portugal national team ever and three years before a World Cup. ‘Then I had a big one from Saudi and I didn’t hide it at the time because it was really big.

‘I did it – normally I am very pragmatic in my choices, very professional in my choices and I try to be very emotionally controlled and you could see that when I left other clubs after winning finals. ‘In this case I was not pragmatic, I was emotional and I gave everything. So in the end when I left, I left hurt. I had the great feeling that I gave so much happiness to the people.

‘Two European finals in a row doesn’t happen too often, especially in a club like Roma which doesn’t have a big history of European success. ‘Then I was walking in the street and the people were like “take us to Dublin, take us to Dublin” [for this year’s Europa League final] and so I had that in my mind, the third European final in a row.

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