Jamie Carragher identifies Premier League clubs facing point deduction penalties.

According to caughtoffside, despite Everton’s initial punishment being reduced on appeal, Jamie Carragher believes the team will lose another “one or two” points in the Premier League. The Toffees were punished 10 points in November for allegedly violating the Premier League’s profit and sustainability guidelines; however, as of last week, this punishment has been reduced to six points.

With Everton now five points clear of the relegation zone, Sean Dyche’s team’s chances of staying in the Premier League were significantly improved by the news of their successful appeal. Carragher, however, has indicated that another point deduction might be on the way, bringing Everton back into the mix.

Carragher claimed on Sky Bet’s Stick to Football podcast that Everton’s sanction was from last season, whilst Nottingham Forest’s problem is from this season. The issue with Everton is that while the sentence is for three years, the current one includes two [from the prior two].

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“What they’re saying is, ‘We’ve already been punished for those three years, and two of those [charges] are in there, so we can’t be punished another six points, when we’ve already been punished for those two years.'” I believe Everton will earn one or two points, whereas Nottingham Forest will likely get six [points].

Everton’s first deduction was a punishment for breaking profit and sustainability regulations during the three years before 2021/22.
Since then, they have being investigated for other possible breaches in their 2022-2023 accounts. The Toffees must now wait with bated breath to see if they will be sanctioned again.

Forest can lose points shortly because they were also accused of infractions over the same time period. The matter must be heard by April 8 at the latest, though an appeal might stretch the hearing date out to May 24, the week following the Premier League season.

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