Gavi Dad: Pablo Gavi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts

Gavi Dad: Pablo Gavi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts
Gavi Dad: Pablo Gavi Childhood Story Plus Untold Biography Facts


Our Pablo Gavi Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Pablo Páez  Father (Gavi Dad), Gavinin Anasi (Mother), Family Background, Sister (Aurora Paez Gavira), etc.

Our memoir of the Spanish wonderkid doesn’t end in the above Biographical listings. We’ll tell you Facts about Pablo Gavi’s Ethnicity, Family Origin, Religion, Personal Life, etc.

Not forgetting, information about the Spaniard’s Girlfriend, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Salary breakdown.

In a nutshell, this Memoir breaks down the Full History of Gavi. This is the story of a Soccer superstar who has been a tenacious competitor since childhood.

Named as one of the great pearls of Spanish football, Gavi’s fathomable rise is not something to be taken for granted.

At 17, he was already a man, so unflinching in the face of public scrutiny. The alleged false accusation of Gavi’s Mother having an affair with Gerard Pique didn’t get to him.

Not even when another false rumour suggested it was between Gavi’s sister and Gerard Pique. The truth is, having negative allegations and media scrutiny over his family members doesn’t move him.


Suresoccerpicks’s version of Pablo Gavi’s Biography begins by telling you the notable events of his boyhood and early life.

Afterwards, we’ll explain his youthful football journey – from La Liara to Betis and then, La Masia. Finally, how the tenacious competitor rose to become a household name in Spanish football.

To fuel your autobiography appetite on the engaging nature of Gavi’s Bio, we present you a photo gallery that explains the Spaniard’s Early Life and Rise.

This historical gallery of Pablo Gavi’s boyhood years to the moment he became famous tells a story. Suresoccerpicks will give you the Biography of a boy that has come a long way in his footballing journey.

For many soccer fans, there is no doubt that Gavi has become one of the most exciting footballers in Europe.

When you hear football commentators talk about him, words that describe his progression, competitiveness, quality, technique, and competitiveness take the occasion.

Despite the great wonders he is doing in European football (at a tender age), we notice a gap in his story.

Suresoccerpicks found that not many fans of football have read a concise piece of Pablo Gavi’s Biography. This is why we have prepared it. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Pablo Gavi Childhood Story: Gavi Dad

For Biography starters, the name “Gavi” is just a nickname. The Spanish footballer’s real names are Pablo Martín Páez Gavira.

Gavi was born on the 5th day of August 2004 to his Father, Pablo Páez and Mother, Gavinin Anasi, in Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain.

The football wonderkid came to the world as one among two children (himself and a sister) born to the marital union between Pablo Páez and Gavinin Anasi.

Now, let’s introduce you to Gavi’s parents. Pablo and Gavinin didn’t bequeath to their son financial riches, but the spirit of reverence.

Growing-Up Years:

Starting off, Gavi spent his early years in Los Palacios y Villafranca, a city in the province of Seville. He has been a talented kid from day one, a genius of a child who always wanted to invent things.

As a child, Gavi enjoyed moulding sands on the seashores – whenever his parents took him and his sister out to the beach.

Most of Gavi’s childhood years were spent with Aurora Paez Gavira, his older sister. She has been his mirror, someone who knows him more than anyone else.

Here, as Gavi and Aurora wore these African attires, they didn’t even realize they were making memories. To date, the Spanish footballer never gets old at reflecting back on these early life moments.

Pablo Gavi Early Life:

Beginning from when he was a toddler, everything that relates to his football talent began manifesting naturally.

No member of Pablo Gavi’s family (even extended) had envisaged how he would rise, and his parents couldn’t hide the fact that their son had developed natural talent.

Little by little, they helped Gavi nurture his talent. Even though Gavi was special (football-wise), he still possessed some other childhood personality traits.

In fact, his Dad (Pablo Páez) does describe his son (Pablo Gavi) with two words which are; “mischievous” and “shy”.

As a child, end even to this day, Gavi does not like public speaking. But when it comes to football, the Spaniard can become very eccentric.

Now, let’s give you an example of an accident he caused in his childhood, all because of his undying love for football.

Did you know?… When Gavi was six years old, he got into a muddy pond with the ball in the middle of a wedding.

Yes, you got that right! Now, here is an account of Gavi’s Dad (Pablo Páez) on what actually happened that day.


“On that day, a lot of people went to the wedding celebration because its venue was on a farm very close to Los Palacios.
At the wedding venue, there was this pond of water, and Gavi, who was six years old, was neatly and elegantly dressed for the occasion.
Halfway through the wedding, I saw lots of people coming to tell me that my son was inside the muddy pool with his ball, explains Pablo Páez, who laughed in amusement.“
Pablo Gavi Family Background:
To start with, the Baller is from a humble household, one that has no history of people playing football (professionally) except for working in a football environment.

Now, let’s tell you what Pablo Gavi’s parents (notably his Dad) did for a living. Pablo Páez is a hospitality professional who once worked at the laundry of Real Betis football club.

Even before getting married to his wife, Pablo Páez, (Gavi’s father), spent almost half his life dedicated to the hospitality industry in Los Palacios.

Before getting his Real Betis laundry job, Gavi’s Dad worked as a waiter at a bar. On the other hand, Gavinin Anasi, his Mum is a homemaker.

Also, regarding Gavi’s background, it is pertinent to note that his family has a military history.

Did you know?… Gavi’s great-grandfather was a sergeant infantryman. He was likely not to participate in World War 2 because of Spain’s neutrality in the global war.

Pablo Gavi Family Origin:

The first thing to know about the wonder kid is the fact that he has Spanish nationality. Research has it that Pablo Gavi’s family is from Los Palacios y Villafranca.

This is a town with a distance of just over 33 min (32.2 km) from the centre of Seville. Put simply, Gavi is from southern Spain.

According to Wikipedia, the families of footballers likes Jesús Navas and Fabián Ruiz have their roots in Los Palacios y Villafranca. They, alongside Gavi, are the most notable footballers from this province in Seville.

Pablo Gavi Ethnicity:

Even though he was raised by FC Barcelona, his ancestry (both from his mother’s and father’s side) is not traced to the Catalan ethnic group.

Neither does Gavi belong to other Spanish ethnic groups like Basque, Catalan, Galician, etc. Regarding Pablo Gavi’s ethnicity, he is Exclusively Spanish – just like over 80% of people with Spanish nationality.

Pablo Gavi Educational Background:

When the time was right, Pablo and Gavinin ensured their son attended school. Gavi, as a kid, was very academic. However, he found it a little hard to excel in his school. Back then, he liked to multitask, and he did it with books on one hand and with football on the other.

Gavi wasn’t one of those children who listened attentively in school. There were reports that the blond boy was a bit mischievous but always smart.

This smartness (which came with a pure instinct) was what the cheeky midfielder transferred to the football pitch.

Early on, there was this idea of Pablo Gavi’s parents (Pablo Páez and Gavinin Anasi) not accepting to compromise all of his education for football. Because of that, some clubs he played for in his youth (like Barcelona) had to act. Barca reinforced Gavi’s studies only in the afternoons.

While he was in school, Gavi was the type who kept the same friends as always. Despite going to school in the afternoons, the youngster still found it difficult to combine both studies with playing football. The truth is, Gavi had a hard time, and there was a time he felt sick because of excess football training.

Pablo Gavi Biography – The Untold Football Story:

Playing the beautiful game started with La Liara. This is a local club in the neighbourhood where Gavi’s parents had their home.

As observed from his club ID card, Gavi enrolled with La Liara on Friday, the 1st day of October 2010. Did you know?… The youngster registered for his first club 82 days after Andres Iniesta won the 2010 World Cup for Spain.

Gavi had an excellent start at La Liara Balompié, a club in his hometown. Back then, the boy did things on the pitch that were not normal for a six-year-old.

Things that were not taught to six-year-old footballers. After four years with La Liara, Gavi’s parents approved his transfer to Real Betis.

The transfer to Real Betis came as an agreement between the club and Gavi’s Dad. The Spanish club wanted Pablo Páez’s son in exchange for a hospitality job with them.

Pablo Gavi’s Dad accepted, and that was how the humble man began working at Real Betis’ laundry. Gavi’s Father worked while his son (pictured below) played for the club’s academy.

The Early Rise of Pablo Gavi- the budding talent:

Did you know that Gavi scored 95 goals in a season for the youth team of Real Betis? Thanks to that, the jewels of the Real Betis Balompié academy (as he was being called) witnessed his first boyhood fame.

From that moment of scoring 95 goals, Barça and Real Madrid began spying on Gavi, who was labelled the hottest boy at Real Betis.

FC Barcelona paid greater attention to Gavi after seeing him shine in a tournament in Algarve, Portugal. When he was awarded the best player in the championship, another club (Atletico Madrid) joined Real Madrid and Barcelona in a hot chase to get Gavi’s signature.

A very desperate FC Barcelona side decided to invite Pablo Gavi’s parents to Camp Nou. Pablo Páez (Gavi’s Dad) and Gavinin Anasi (Gavi’s Mum) were not informed during the trip to Barcelona of the contract conditions.

In the end, the Celebrity Boy and his parents were happy with what they saw at La Masia. Gavi, upon seeing Barca facilities, told his parents;


Pablo Gavi Biography – Road to Fame Story:

The Real Betis Starboy signed for Barcelona in 2015 at the tender age of 11. Gavi enrolled with Álex Urrestarazu ‘s FCB Infantil A. His great skills in the midfield encouraged him to establish himself as a key player in Sergi Milà’s FCB Cadete B side.

Gavi’s early years with Barcelona became a huge success. Manuel Vasco (Gavi’s first coach with Betis) was constantly praised for raising the boy.

A boy who scored 95 goals a season under his care. One of his early youth successes in Barcelona came at the Memorial Cristina Varani international youth soccer tournament.

In that tournament, Gavi showed he was a tenacious competitor. He left no prisoners (as seen below), and he stood out the most on the pitch.

Gavi didn’t just help his team become the youth football champions of Italy. The Barca star was crowned the MVP of the Memorial Cristina Varani international tournament.

In the quest to become a professional footballer, Gavi made his drive and determination to be his most valuable assets.

As observed below, the boy’s playing style was like combining the smooth elegance of a Rolls-Royce car with the powerful engine of a Mustang. Now, here is video evidence of Gavi during his La Masia years.

Continued Rise:

Gavi’s technical quality made him untouchable. He once helped his team become LaLiga Promises Champions – winning 6-1 over Atletico de Madrid. As observed below, there were clear signs that Gavi would be part of Barcelona’s next golden generation.

During his academy years, Gavi was crowned as one of the most transcendental players at La Masía. He moved with great beauty, and the ball always goes through his boots.

Before becoming a professional, Seville’s young promise caught the eyes of Julen Guerrero, Spain’s under-15 national coach.

Pablo Gavi Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

During his first campaign as FC Barcelona manager, Ronald Koeman experienced a mixed bag. Abandoning good work with the Netherlands, he took up his dream job to succeed the fired Quique Setien. The Dutch manager had great plans for promoting homegrown talents.

Getting Lionel Messi to enjoy his football again saw him promote promising young players to the first team.

Shortly after Gavi turned 16, FC Barcelona did not hesitate and signed him a professional contract. Roland Koman gave senior contracts to Gavi alongside fellow La Masia talents like Pedri and Ilaix Moriba.

With Ansu Fati and Pedri out injured, a young 17-year-old Gavi has stepped into the fray as the Xavi revolution gets underway in Catalonia.

Did you know?… Gavi (when he was 17 years and 62 days old) became Barca’s youngest debutant. He broke Ángel Zubieta’s record, which had stood since 1936.

Gavi keeps his feet on the ground, aware that if he continues to work as he has done up to now, his progression will continue to grow.

Did you also know?… The Andalusian is the youngest footballer in history to play a match with the Spanish team, which is managed by Luis Enrique.

At the time of making Pablo Gavi’s Biography, Pundits and fans saw him (alongside Ferran Torres, Eric Garcia, Bryan Gil, Alejandro Balde, etc) as the future of the Spanish national team. No doubt, he is another beautiful promise coming out of Spain. The rest of Pablo Martín Páez Gavira’s life story, as we say, is now history.

Pablo Gavi’s Love Life /Girlfriend/Wife:

With all the fame he has achieved in football at a young age, it is obvious that he is already a successful Athlete.

No doubt, there would definitely be female fans who would wish to become Pablo Gavi’s wife, girlfriend, or simply the mother of his unborn children.

Now, there is a saying that behind every successful Spanish player comes a glamorous WAG. To this end, LifeBogger asks the ultimate question…


Following our research, we realize that Pablo Gavi (as of 2022) is single. The midfielder is probably keeping to the advice of his parents (Pablo Páez and Gavinin Anasi) on staying single (until his adulthood). In summary, Gavi is not committed to having a girlfriend, at least for now.

Personal Life:

Starting off, Pablo Gavi’s zodiac sign is Leo. He exhibits the traits of this sign through the use of his anger as fuel to make his combative decisions on the pitch.

Have you noticed Gavi’s discipline and attitude problems on the pitch? Here is the video which shows what Gavi does to his opponents.

It is no longer common knowledge that Gavi is known widely for his attitude problem and lack of discipline.

On several occasions, FC Barcelona has attempted to “straighten out” the breakout star. Because his profile continues to rise, the club is forced to handle Gavi softly, which makes him to get away with things.

Pablo Gavi Lifestyle:

Despite being paid over €100,000 a year, the Spanish Whiz Kid (as of 2022) still lives at the club’s accommodation there and with his parents.

Also, the Baller does not use his social media to showcase his wealth. Pablo Gavi lives a simple lifestyle, one that is not noticeable by a handful of luxurious cars, big houses, expensive wristwatches, etc.

Pablo Gavi Family Life:

From the moment he was a kid right to when he made it, members of his close-knitted household are responsible for the energy that helps Gavi conquer many things. Here in Suresoccerpicks’s Bio, we’ll tell you more about Pablo Gavi’s parents and the rest of his family members.

About Pablo Gavi Father (Gavi dad):
No person can erase the memory of his son’s debut from Pablo Páez Sr’s mind. That matchday was one of the happiest in Pablo Gavi’s Father’s life.

When Pablo Páez Sr looks back at the journey of countless car trips, he often gets emotional. Again, Gavi’s Dad didn’t know how to hide his joy at the time fans first chanted his son’s name.

About Pablo Gavi’s Mother:

Before June 2022, the public did not know Gavinin Anasi much. Recently, a false rumour erupted throughout the internet about Pablo Gavi’s Mother.

This false rumour says that Gavinin Anasi is the woman who Shakira caught with her husband (Gerard Piqué) on their matrimonial bed.

At the time the false rumour came out, the star couples (Gerard Pique and Shakira) were in the verge of a breakup.

On the 2nd day of June 2022, a Twitter troll account falsely reported that the woman who was with Pique was Anasi, Gavi’s mother. That fake report trended all over the internet for days.

However, the Spanish new outlet El Periodico, who first alleged about Pique’s affair, contradicted the report on Twitter. El Periodico claims that the woman Pique had an affair with was clearly not Gavinin Anasi.

About Pablo Gavi Sister:

Starting off, Aurora Paez Gavira is a teacher. Pablo Gavi’s sister specializes in primary education teaching.

Further information about her reveals she currently lives in Seville and studied in Marismas. Pablo Gavi’s sister has a boyfriend, and that dismisses any wrong hypothesis that she is the lover of Gerard Pique.

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Pablo Gavi’s Relatives:

Most of them, which includes his grandparents, uncles, and cousins, live in Los Palacios y Villafranca (a town located just over 30 kilometres from Seville).

Gavi’s Dad spoke about them during his son’s debut. These relatives are a big part of Pablo Gavi’s support system.

Untold Facts:

In this final stage of Pablo Gavi’s Biography, we’ll tell you facts you might not know about him. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

Pablo Gavi Net Worth:

Before we tell you, let’s first talk about the money he makes. The Barcelona Prodigy once earned a measly €100,000 ($107,000) a year – Forbes report.

In 2022, Barca reportedly increased Pablo Gavi’s weekly wages to €2,000,000 per year. Going by this new structure, here is a breakdown of Pablo Gavi’s Barcelona salary (2022 Figures).

Credit: Lifebogger

TENURE/EARNINGS Pablo Gavi Salary Breakdown in Euros (€)
Per Year: €2,000,000
Per Month: €166,666
Per Week: €38,402
Every Day: €5,486
Per Hour: €228
Every Minute: €3.8
Every Second: €0.06

As of 2022, Pablo Gavi’s Net Worth is approximately 1.5 million euros.

Comparing his Salary to the Average Spanish Citizen:

Where Pablo Gavi’s family comes from, the average Spaniard makes approximately €32,520 per year. Do you know?… Such a person would need 61 years to make Gavi’s annual wages with Barcelona.

Pablo Gavi FIFA Stats:

The Barca breakout star is like these midfielders – Ryan Gravenberch, Florian Wirtz, Jamal Musiala, Eduardo Camavinga, and Jude Bellingham. They (in the same age group) enjoy very high FIFA potential.

Asides from defending, do you know that Gavi (at age 16) only lacks three things in football? They are Heading accuracy, volleys and Free Kick accuracy.

Pablo Gavi’s Idol:

According to Pablo Páez (Gavi’s father), his son has always liked Isco. The choice of his idol from a rival club is surprising to Barcelona fans who liken him more to Andres Iniesta.


Upon research, we found that both Isco and Pablo Gavi’s families have their origins in Southern Spain.

Pedri VS Gavi – Who Is Better?

In Suresoccerpicks’s humble opinion, we believe Gavi is better ONLY physically but not technically. On the other hand, Pedri plays smarter, and he has more technical prowess. This doesn’t take away the fact that both Soccer players are good.

Furthermore, with Pedri, we see Xavi Hernandez and Andrés Iniesta brand who plays calmly and very smart. Gavi, on the other hand, is aggressive and more emotional. According to Marca, he is a huge contender of Pedri’s heir – as the 2022 Golden Boy.

Pablo Gavi’s Religion:

Gavira, as they call him, was raised in a family of Catholics. Although Pablo Gavi’s religion is Christianity, he appears to be less vocal in terms of his religious beliefs.

The son of Pablo Páez and Gavinin Anasi is like most footballers who don’t fancy the idea of displaying their faith on social media.

Wiki Summary On Gavi Dad:

This table breaks down Facts in Pablo Gavi’s Biography.

Full Name: Pablo Martín Páez Gavira
Nickname: Gavi
Date of Birth: 5th day of August 2004
Place of Birth: Los Palacios y Villafranca,
Age: 19 years and 5 months old.
Parents: Pablo Páez (Father), Gavinin Anasi (Mother)
Siblings: Aurora Paez Gavira (Sister), No Brother
Father’s Occupation: laundryman (hospitality), Gavi’s career advisor
Mother’s Occupation: Homemaker
Nationality: Spanish
Family Origin: Los Palacios y Villafranca
Ethnicity: Exclusively Spanish
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 1.73 meters OR 5 feet 8 inches
Playing Position: Central Midfield, Left Wing
Religion: Christianity
Annual Salary: €2,000,000 (2022 figures)
Net Worth: €1,500,000 (2022 Figures)
Football Schools attended: La Liara, Betis, Barcelona


Pablo Martín Páez Gavira (nicknamed Gavi) was born on the 5th day of August 2004 to his Mum, Gavinin Anasi, and Dad, Pablo Páez, in Los Palacios y Villafranca, Spain.

His family is from Southern Spain, and he is the only son of his parents. Gavi grew up alongside his big sister, Aurora Paez Gavira.

Gavi’s Family is made up of humble people. His Father, Pablo Páez, once worked at the laundry of Real Betis football club. For almost half of his life, Mr Pablo Páez worked in Spain’s hospitality industry.

Again, Gavi’s Dad once worked as a waiter at a bar. On the other hand, his Mum (Mrs Gavinin Anasi) is a homemaker. Gavi’s sister, Aurora Paez Gavira, is a teacher.

On both sides of the extended families of Pablo Gavi’s Parents, there is no history of anyone being a professional footballer. Although Gavi’s great grandfather (just like Pablo Sarabia‘s late Dad) was in the military – a sergeant infantryman. Football talent came to Gavi naturally.

Right from when he was a toddler, little Gavi had begun to manifest his destiny. He started playing football with La Liara, a local club located close to where his family lived. Through Gavi’s Dad, he (in 2014) enrolled with Real Betis, where he scored 95 goals in his only season.

The mischievous and shy boy (as described by his Dad) was very academic, although he struggled to combine both schooling and playing football.

When Gavi began playing with Barcelona youth, the club helped him by arranging for his studies to be done only in the afternoons.

Gavi achieved a meteoric rise with Le Masia. In 2021, Ronald Koeman and Luis Enrique promoted him to the Barca and Spanish national teams, respectively. Since then, Pablo (like his near-namesake Gabri Veiga) has not looked back in terms of his displays on the pitch.

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