Enzo Fernandez turns and replies to a Liverpool supporter who yells ‘unlucky lad’ after the cup final

Enzo Fernandez, a Chelsea player, reacted aggressively at a jubilant Liverpool supporter in the terraces at Wembley Stadium. The Argentine World Cup champion played all 120 minutes of the Blues’ League Cup final loss against Jurgen Klopp’s team. He appeared disappointed as the final whistle blew shortly after Virgil van Dijk scored the winning goal in extra time.

To add insult to injury for Mauricio Pochettino’s team, the beaten and heartbroken North Londoners had to go past Liverpool supporters on their way up the stands to receive their runners-up medals. As the Blues endured a slew of jeers and insults, one supporter got under Fernandez’s skin.

The Liverpool supporter yelled out, “Enzo, unlucky lad,” as the former Benfica player walked up the steps behind Mykhailo Mudryk. Fernandez came to a halt, turned to face the Liverpool supporter, and leaned forward, as if he was about to attack him. Fernandez’s senses returned, and with little encouragement from Chelsea youngster Jimi Tauriainen, he proceeded to walk. Unfortunately for him, he did it against the backdrop of insane, Pennywise-like laughter from a Liverpool supporter.

While his laughter will echo in their heads, Pochettino implored his players to embrace their suffering as drive. “We are very competitive, and now we need to move forward,” the Argentine stated. “They [the players] must suffer the sorrow alongside us.

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“They need to know that we need to work more and accomplish better. We need to develop and compete at this level against a team that has competed for huge things over the previous five, six, and seven years.

Chelsea’s Djordje Petrovic, Axel Disasi, and Enzo Fernandez converse after full-time after the team’s defeat in the Carabao Cup Final against Liverpool at Wembley Stadium in London, England, on February 25, 2024. It’s about to get here first and then experience what it takes to compete for a major prize. I recall that after three or four years, they lost the Champions League and the Europa League.

“They continue to believe and go forward in the initiative, becoming stronger in the following season until they achieve their goals. That is a great example, Liverpool. We want to challenge a team like Liverpool. It is not appropriate to be disappointed today since we did not receive the prize. We have to keep believing because it is the most essential thing.”

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