Barcelona players suspect Xavi’s staffer is leaking information to the media

Journalist Javi Miguel claimed on El Chiringuito TV that, according to a report from barcauniversal, Barcelona players are persuaded that a member of Xavi Hernandez’s staff has been disclosing confidential information to the media.

In truth, Barca has been conducting an internal investigation for the past two months in an effort to identify the “mole” responsible for the media leaks. To ascertain the source of the breach, the mobile devices belonging to all personnel were gathered together. A trusted individual selected by Xavi combed through their WhatsApp exchanges to determine whether or not specific journalists had been contacted.

The Barca players, according to Javi Miguel, are certain that the disclosure is the work of a member of the manager’s staff and not a player. As a result, a division is established in the locker room.

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In fact, only the manager and the players have attended the last three meetings between Xavi and the Barcelona squad. As one member of the coaching staff is suspected of having leaked sensitive information to the media, no other members of the staff have been implicated.

Additionally, Javi Miguel asserted that Xavi had personally contacted several correspondents and requested that they divulge their source. In the absence of a response, the club issued a threat to revoke their press conference access should the dispute not be resolved.

This is not a wholly novel concern at Barcelona; prior managers have encountered a similar predicament. Ronald Koeman discovered a mole in the locker room that was disclosing his team selections and other confidential information to the media just a few years ago.

Javi Miguel continued by stating that Xavi and company have not yet achieved success in locating the source of the breach.

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