Masters in Education Scholarships for International Students

Picture this: You’re just a step away from realizing your dream of earning a Master’s Degree in Education, but a financial obstacle looms in your path. This situation, a dream-come-true turned nightmare, is the harsh reality for many international students. However, there is a lifeline in the form of scholarships that can offer the much-needed financial breakthrough. In this article, we delve into a wide array of scholarship opportunities that are reshaping the landscape for international students aiming to advance their careers in the field of education.

  1. Fulbright Program: The Fulbright Program stands as one of the world’s most prestigious scholarship programs, extending opportunities for international students to pursue Master’s degrees in Education in the United States. It encompasses scholarships specifically designed for Education Master’s candidates, covering tuition, living expenses, and travel costs.
  2. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships: The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degrees program provides scholarships for non-European students to study in Europe. Several universities offer Master’s programs in education under this initiative, making it an appealing choice for international students.
  3. Commonwealth Scholarships: The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan extends scholarships to students from Commonwealth countries, enabling them to study in another member nation. Many Commonwealth countries boast exceptional educational institutions that offer Master’s programs in Education.
  4. Government Scholarships: Numerous governments worldwide offer scholarships to international students as part of their diplomatic and cultural exchange efforts. Examples include the Chinese Government Scholarship, Japanese Government Scholarship (MEXT), and the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP).
  5. University-Specific Scholarships: Many universities across the globe provide scholarships to international students enrolling in Master’s in Education programs. These scholarships may be based on academic excellence, leadership potential, or specific research interests.
  6. Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs): Several NGOs and foundations are committed to promoting education on a global scale. They often grant scholarships to international students pursuing education-related degrees. Notable examples include the Soros Foundation and the Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program.
  7. Online Scholarship Databases: Several online platforms and databases aggregate scholarship opportunities for international students. Websites like, Fastweb, and the Scholarship Portal can assist you in discovering funding options tailored to your field of study.
  8. Private Scholarships: Don’t underestimate the potential of private scholarships offered by companies, charitable organizations, or educational trusts. These scholarships may be less competitive than larger, more well-known programs.

When seeking scholarships for a Master’s in Education as an international student, thorough research is essential. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and prepare a compelling application that highlights your qualifications and dedication to the field. Additionally, pay close attention to application deadlines, as they can vary significantly among different scholarship programs.

  1. Research Scholarships: If you have a specific research interest within the field of education, consider seeking scholarships that support research projects. Many organizations and institutions provide funding for graduate students conducting innovative research in education, often requiring a well-defined research proposal as part of the application.
  2. Teaching Assistantships: Some universities offer teaching assistantships for international students pursuing a Master’s in Education. These positions not only offer financial support but also valuable teaching experience, allowing you to work closely with professors and gain practical classroom skills.
  3. Graduate Assistantships: In addition to teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships can also provide financial aid. These roles may involve research assistance, administrative support, or other responsibilities within the university, typically available to qualified graduate students.
  4. Professional Associations: Explore professional associations related to education, both at the national and international levels. Many of these associations offer scholarships to students planning to make meaningful contributions to the field of education. Examples include the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).
  5. Community and Nonprofit Organizations: Investigate community-based and nonprofit organizations focused on education and global development. These organizations often run scholarship programs aimed at international students passionate about addressing educational challenges in their home countries.
  6. Corporate Scholarships: Certain corporations, dedicated to education and corporate social responsibility, offer scholarships for international students pursuing education-related degrees. These scholarships may be tied to specific career goals or areas of expertise.
  7. Part-Time Work Opportunities: In addition to scholarships, consider part-time work opportunities while pursuing your Master’s in Education. Many countries permit international students to work a specified number of hours per week during their studies, helping cover living expenses.
  8. Financial Aid Offices: Don’t hesitate to reach out to the financial aid offices of the universities you are applying to. They can provide information about scholarship opportunities specifically available to international students in the education field.
  9. Online Forums and Communities: Join online forums and communities related to education and international student experiences. These platforms often share valuable insights and scholarship opportunities that might not be readily available elsewhere.

Remember that scholarship availability can change from year to year, so it’s essential to keep yourself updated and plan your scholarship search well in advance of your Master’s program application. Additionally, maintain a strong academic record, gather compelling recommendation letters, and craft a compelling personal statement to increase your chances of securing scholarships for your education journey.

While your expertise lies in software development, having knowledge about scholarships for international students pursuing a Master’s in Education can be a valuable resource for friends, colleagues, or acquaintances interested in this field. It’s a way to contribute to the educational aspirations of individuals from diverse backgrounds.


In conclusion, while your primary role may be as a software developer, staying informed about scholarship opportunities for international students pursuing a Master’s in Education can be valuable knowledge to share with friends or colleagues interested in advancing their careers in education. Scholarships can open doors to quality education and help shape the future of teaching and learning worldwide.


Scholarships for Graduate Students in Education

1. Barbara A. Cooley Master’s Scholarship

Deadline: November 15th

SHAPE America awards the $1,000 Barbara A. Cooley Master’s Scholarship every year. The scholarship is for those pursuing a master’s degree in health education. The school they attend must be an accredited U.S. graduate school. Qualified applicants must carry a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. They must be committed to teaching health or physical education. They cannot have previously received the scholarship. Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation and provide a current resume. Finally, they must write a three-part statement discussing their philosophy of health and physical education.


Barbara A. Cooley Master’s Scholarship
1900 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191
(800) 213-7193
Scholarship Link

2. BHD Endowed Scholarships for Teachers

Deadline: April 1st

The BHD Endowed Scholarship for Teachers is offered by the Central Scholarship Program. The scholarship is available to graduate students with bachelor degrees in non-teaching fields. They must be pursuing a master’s in education. The scholarship award can be up to $2,500. Eligible candidates must be Maryland residents within 200 miles of Baltimore City. Their family income must be under $90,000 per year. They must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Finally, they must attend an accredited United States college.


BHD Endowed Scholarships for Teachers
6 Park Center Court Suite #211
Owings Mills, MD 21117
(410) 415-5558
Scholarship Link

3. Donald L. Landry Graduate Scholarship

Deadline: February 5th

The Massachusetts Reading Association (MRA) awards the Donald L. Landry Graduate Scholarship annuallyThe $1,000 graduate school scholarship goes to current certified teachers who are enrolling in a master’s in education program. The program must result in reading specialist licensure. To qualify, applicants must attend an accredited college in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. They must be MRA members and participate in the Annual MRA Conference. Candidates must submit a 350-word essay describing which theorist they’d like to visit their classroom and why.


Donald L. Landry Graduate Scholarship
P.O. Box 426
West Barnstable, MA 02668
(877) 476-9672
Scholarship Link

4. Dr. Marc Hull Special Education Leadership Scholarship

The Dr. Marc Hull Special Education Leadership Scholarship is sponsored by the VCSEA. The $1,750 graduate school scholarship is for graduate students earning a master’s degree in special education. Qualified recipients must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and attend an accredited U.S. school. Applicants must reside in Vermont and be seeking licensure for special education administration. They must show commitment to creating inclusive learning environments for students with disabilities.


Dr. Marc Hull Special Education Leadership Scholarship
2 Prospect Street Suite 5
Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 595-5799
Scholarship Link

5. Elementary Mathematics Specialist Scholarship

Deadline: June 1st

The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators awards the Elementary Mathematics Specialist Scholarship. The $1,000 graduate school scholarship is awarded annually. The recipient must be pursuing a master’s in developing expertise in elementary school mathematics. Candidates must have valid state certification and three years of full-time teaching experience. They must attend an accredited U.S. university. Finally, they must be a member in good standing of AMTE. Scholarship winners may be interviewed or asked to provide a brief statement.


Elementary Mathematics Specialist Scholarship
3800 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 760-8240
Scholarship Link

6. Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: April 1st

The Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship is awarded by the American Foundation for the BlindThe award goes to students studying methods for the education or rehabilitation of blind or visually impaired people. Applicants must be graduate students. They submit an official transcript and two letters of recommendation. They must also write a personal essay and be legally blind themselves. They must submit proof of legal blindness.


Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship
1000 Fifth Avenue Suite 350
Huntington, WV 25701
(800) 232-5463
Scholarship Link

7. George Bornoff Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline: December 7th

The American String Teachers Association administers the George Bornoff Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund offers three $800 awards every year. The awards go to teachers who are returning to graduate school for a master’s in music education. Applicants must be ASTA members. They must also be string teachers. They must have been teaching no more than five years. All applicants must submit a resume. Two letters of recommendation and an essay are also required.


George Bornoff Memorial Scholarship Fund
4155 Chain Bridge Road
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 279-2113
Scholarship Link

8. Hach Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship

Deadline: April 1st

Recent graduates with an undergraduate degree in a chemistry-related field could qualify for this scholarship. Qualified full-time graduate students receive $6,000. Part-time students receive $3,000. They must be studying in an accredited master’s in education program. The American Chemistry Society states that applicants must have less than one year of work experience. They must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents. And they must be committed to becoming secondary school chemistry teachers.


Hach Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Scholarship
1155 Sixteenth Street NW
Washington, DC 20036
(800) 227-5558 ext. 8178
Scholarship Link

9. AIEF Graduate Scholarship Application

Deadline: April 22nd

Applicants are eligible for this scholarship if they are Native American, Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian. Applicants must be attending or accepted to an accredited graduate school. Online colleges are not applicable. Must be taking between six and eighteen credits. GPA of 2.5 or higher is preferred. This Native American scholarship is for those who plan to improve education outcomes in indigenous communities around the United States.


Contact Information Available Through Link.
Scholarship Link

10. Isabel M. Herson Scholarship in Education

Deadline: February 1st

The Isabel M. Herson Scholarship in Education is awarded by the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. The scholarship is for graduate students enrolled in a master’s in education. Application packets must include three letters of recommendation. Students must provide official collegiate transcripts. Proof of enrollment and W2 forms are required. Applicants must also provide community service records and a 150-word statement about their teaching aspirations.


Isabel M. Herson Scholarship in Education
1734 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 257-7004
Scholarship Link

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